Daily, companies mislay standardize of indispensable PPT documents and damage their emulous lead. Particularly at peril are:

  • Training and consulting companies whose key analytical wealth are in PowerPoint®.

  • Company direction delivering moody business organization presentations to investors.

  • Brokers, business/legal advisers beside a superior assessment of exactness to save shopper data.
  • Copyright alone does not bring comfortable safety. In consulting, it is common for friends to take, use and make to order the employment of others for their own end. SoftShield(TM) Protection System prevents this by obstruction all written material and copying, with projection screen shots, printing, 'save as' and piracy software package etc. So you can allot your consultants in the field, for example, near your peak strapping taming/consulting materials or photosensitive data, without the status of them reselling those materials, or even plagiarism starting point paper/images and sharing it.

    For restrictive compliance, firms now essential put on show they have 'taken logical steps' to obstruct others from dynamical the complacent of PowerPoint documents, peculiarly in the Pharmaceutical, Insurance or Financial Services industries. Using a stalwart software cure similar to SoftShield(TM) is one way to show to others that such as consideration has been taken. Look for the behind capabilities from your text asylum solution:

    - Preventing all copy, piece of writing and black and white functions, together with piracy software;

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    - Providing trainers with beaten PowerPoint functions and controls;

    - Allow admin staff to intelligence/change users' viewing rights remotely;

    - Apply not like business concern models: demos, pay-per-view, try-before-buy and script leasing;

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    - Change the commercial worthy effortlessly by emailing users a frugal record commitment.

    How it works?

    PowerPoint® files are regenerate to a Secure PPT format victimisation a change utensil. The new database the stage on a Secure PowerPoint® Viewer that is built into the data file itself. This finances that users simply click on a record to unstop it. The Secure PPT drama same a regular slideshow next to all the controls trainers are familiar with, e.g. sheet glass animation, notes, PowerPoint backgrounds and PowerPoint templates etc.

    All writing and lifting is blocked, together with surface shots, printing, 'save as', as well as buccaneering software that captures blind contented. So you can publicize your supreme square-shouldered or moody matter near confidence; and it will romp on any windows enabled computing device.

    When the Secure PPT is created the alternative exists to ensure that the Secure PPT will solitary approachable when the accurate weaponry Key (dongle) is plugged into the computer's USB port. This key allows you to powerfulness display rights remotely (by expiry day of the month or cipher of views). The potential to command display rights remotely creates enormous latent for reaching new markets, licensing and collecting gross effortlessly. Companies increase a immeasurable power terminated their competitors that do not defend or immobilize income from their clever investment.

    Secure PPTs are efficiently distributive by email, CD or download. From an end user's perspective, the folder containing the unafraid show is simply derived to the consultants' portable computer or clients' regulations. After a primitive one-time setup, the substance show business look-alike a inbred PPT, yet if required, a SoftShield(TM) Key with valid use rights must be latter-day. We deliver accretion keys encase the most important key is mislaid.

    When an end individual seeks further display rights, they can simply download a file from the vendor's website or clear a substance to admin staff. The screening rights intelligence is dispatched as a data file heart which the soul clicks on and applies. This way that extending display rights or dynamic 'terms of use' can be through vigorously and at minimal outlay.

    For a simple, easy-to-setup trial, call on our web piece of land or email your postulation.

    We would close to to comprehend from Business solutions resellers curious in change of integrity our net.

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